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John’s Story

John has always been interested in hunting. Because he uses a wheelchair to go places and can use one hand to do things for himself, many felt this was one interest he would not be able to pursue. But John doesn’t understand the concept of “can’t”.

His first step was to take a hunting safety course, which he needed, in order to get a gun license. Not achieving a pass on the first try, John didn’t give up. He got connected with Silverdale Gun Club in St. Anne’s and they welcomed John with open arms. They helped him pass the safety course and then he applied for a gun license. Once he accomplished that and purchased a gun, they created a stand for his gun so he could pull the trigger. He bought a crossbow and they created a support for it so he could also use the crossbow in his wheelchair.

John didn’t want to just shoot at targets, but hunt deer and other wild creatures, so the members of the Silverdale Gun Club built him a tree stand and they take John on a ramped trailer into the bush to his tree stand. There are plans to modify the tree stand so it affords more warmth and shelter to John.

The connection with Silverdale Gun Club has expanded John’s horizons immensely. He has met men from all walks of life who have understandingly helped him achieve all these goals. And through word of mouth other people have become aware of possibilities for themselves if they have the same dream as John.

Because he believes he can do anything and because he doesn’t give up on an idea when it doesn’t work out right away, John now goes hunting with the guys on weekends. His next goals are a turkey license and a restricted gun license.

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